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Sedona Arizona Vacation Rental, Long-Term Rental, and Property Management Experts 

Sedona Elite Properties Management is a premier boutique residential rental property management company now a full service brokerage located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

We offer:

Sedona Arizona long-term rentals – unfurnished
Sedona Arizona vacation rentals – furnished
Property Management Services

And now offering real estate sales!

Sedona Elite practices a business philosophy based on a high quality of service and a personalized approach to your property management and sales needs. We constantly strive to provide our clients with peace of mind regarding their real estate investment, and quick, efficient service to our valued tenants. Our conscientious and diligent commitment ensures that your property is well maintained and your investment obtains the maximum possible income.

We would enjoy speaking with you if you have a home that you wish to have managed, are looking for a long-termor vacation rental or interested in buying or selling real estate in Sedona.

Specializing in Sedona Arizona Vacation Rentals and Long-Term Rentals

We specialize in unfurnished long term rentals and 30 day vacation rentals. See our complete listing of Sedona Arizona Vacation Rentals.  All of our rentals—both long-term and vacation rentals—are well maintained and in good condition. Whether you’re on vacation or a long-term tenant, if you report a problem, we are committed to responding within 24 hours.

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